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Keeping your pet’s items fresh


With the months flying by at a worrying rate, spring will be upon us before we know it, bringing with it a desire to wash, dust and scrub to our heart’s content. Spring cleaning isn’t just for us humans, though, it’s also important to consider your pet’s environment and ensure you are giving them the best start for the warmer weather and in fact the best of options all year round.

Here are our tips for cleaning (the pet edition):

Go through that pantry

Most of us will have a cupboard, or at least a section of a cupboard, dedicated to our pet’s food, treats and medicines. While most of it will be used within expiry dates, there may be some items that will need to be thrown out and replaced. Check the dates on medicines and keep in mind that, once opened, they may need to be used within a certain number of days, which would therefore make the date on the pack/bottle invalid.

For dry foods, if you keep kibble in a container, be sure to use all the food remaining and then give the container a good rinse and thorough dry. This will ensure all those stale bits get removed each time.

Time to get rid of those destroyed toys

You might have to come face to face with those sad puppy dog eyes as you take away some of your pet’s precious toys, but it’s important to get rid of broken or over used toys in order to protect your pet from harm or germs. As dogs play with their toys using their teeth, it’s important that they are kept reasonably clean and free from broken edges or loose stuffing that can cause problems later down the track.

If the sad puppy dog eyes get to be too much, it’s a good excuse to go out together and get a new favourite toy.  Always remember, the more toys you can give your dog, then the more your dog will be entertained and stimulated…you may even find the toys will last longer as there are more options to satisfy the pet’s urge to chew.  And just a reminder, always supervise your pet with its toy.

Give those beds a wash

While your pet has worked long and hard all winter to get their bed smelling just right, it’s definitely time to give it a good wash. Take a look at the care instructions and use a gentle detergent that won’t irritate your pooch’s skin. Some covers may be able to be removed and placed in the washing machine, for others a bit of hand washing might be required.   You could also consider using a pet formulated odour remover, there are versions suitable for bedding and also suitable for direct use on the pet if they are a bit on the ‘woofy’ side.

Have a think about other areas throughout the home that could deal with a good vacuum or clean such as couches or carpets, which have a tendency to collect dander and fur. For spring, we suggest getting a professional clean to completely remove allergens and start off fresh.