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5 Tips for Pet Care in Winter

With winter quickly approaching, and some days making us feel like it has arrived early, it’s important to start preparations for your pet to ensure they ride out the next few months as comfortably as possible.

Heated Bedding

As the temperature drops overnight, it’s important to keep in mind that often their blankets are not enough to keep them warm and protect them from the winter chill. Buying your pet heated bedding will ensure they are comfortable no matter how icy it gets. See our range of thermo beds to keep your pet snug throughout winter.

Get physical

While it might be hard to get motivated when it’s cold and wet outside, it’s important to remember that we, as well as our dogs, need to keep up our exercise. Getting creative with your pet’s exercise could make it more fun for you both. Playing games where they have to search for a person, toy or fetch an item could combine workout and play. There are also food dispensing toys that can keep them busy for hours. 

Doggy dates
It can be tempting to stay indoors and not socialise as often, but dogs love to play around with other pooches and can ensure they won’t become bored and fall into negative behaviours such as digging or chewing furniture. Organise a catch up with friends who also have dogs, or enrol your pooch into doggy day care so they can get that much needed interaction.

Increase food intake
As it takes more energy to keep warm during colder weather, you may find you have to increase your pet’s food intake. This will especially apply for dogs that remain outdoors. Make sure their food in placed in a comfortable dry area, and keep check on their water to ensure it is clean, free of debris and hasn’t frozen over.

Decrease food intake

Just to make things a little more confusing, there will also be instances where you will want to reduce your dog’s food intake. For dogs that remain indoors, the terrible weather will often mean they are conserving energy by sleeping more. Exercise will reduce and this may lead to weight gain. While a little extra weight isn’t a big deal, you want to avoid your pet from becoming overweight. For more information on how much to feed your pet, consult with your local vet.