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Preventing Boredom in Active Dogs

Anyone with a dog has probably realised boredom and bad behaviour pretty much go hand in hand. Whether it is destroying your shoes; digging up the backyard; barking; or scratching, ripping or biting furniture, once a dog gets bored they will find something to fill the void, even if they know you may not be happy with the activity they choose. If you work long hours or simply have an over-active pet, finding new and fun ways to keep them occupied will not only save you money on replacing damaged items, but is also great for your dog’s health and wellbeing.

Here are just some things that you and, more importantly your dog, will love.

Something to chew

Chewing is a great stress reliever for dogs and can release endorphins that help your pet feel good. If you choose your chew toy strategically, you are bound to provide your dog hours of enjoyment each day. It’s a good idea to buy a few different chew toys of different textures and materials to make sure they always have some variety.

Soft toys can become your pet’s most treasured possession and you’ll find they not only want to play but also sleep with it. There are also options like bionic bones, flyers and sticks that last superbly and are designed to cater for teething puppies or small dogs. To keep them entertained, chew toys can be frozen or covered in delicious toppings such as peanut butter.


Combining the love of chewing with food is always a great idea. Dental bones are always a good choice as it takes your dog ages to get through and can help to maintain good oral health. There are a wide range of options available, including teething bones of different textures and teething rings. Hiding treats in balls that they will need to roll around or freezing them in water also ensures your dog is occupied for a while.

Digging space

Have a pooch that is destroying your lush grass or garden beds with their incessant digging? If getting rid of the habit completely is a little difficult, you could allocate a digging space specially for them. To avoid unsightly holes in your yard, turn a child’s sand pit into a digging haven where they can dig and bury their little treasures whenever they feel the need.


Possibly one of the best boredom busters is something that doesn’t need to be bought, and that is exercise. Dogs love the opportunity to escape the confines of their yard and walk or run around a park. How long and how often you exercise with your pet is going to be dependent on the breed and size of your dog, if ever you are unsure it is a good idea to discuss a routine with your vet.

Besides ensuring that boredom is at bay by tiring them out before heading back home, you are also doing your part to ensure your dog is healthy.