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We’ve seen it in the news; the heroic dog that saves the day when it pulled its owner from the burning house; or the cat that sensed there was a snake in the kitchen and hissed incessantly to alert the owner. For countless years pets have held significant meaning in our lives. Regardless of the size and shape of the animal, each and every pet is unique in its own way. But why is having them around so important? Well, there are many factors; but here are 3 main reasons why they make our lives all the more exciting.

Loyalty and Responsibility

Imagine if you didn’t feed Fluffy for the past one week; or didn’t bother to take him to the vet. What would happen to him? You guessed right; he would starve and probably turn rabid. Moreover, more intelligent animals such as dogs and cats have known to be psychologically affected with adversities around them. For instance, no one can forget the touching story of Hachiko the Japanese dog. It loved its master so much that it used to take him to the train station and back to and from work. In fact, even after the owner died, the dog continued waiting for him at the train station for the next 10 years! A pet is more than just an animal; it can be your best friend, a family member, or a partner in life.

Pets are fun

Have you ever played ‘catch’ with your dog? Just throw a Frisbee and see how fun it will be. Pets bring enjoyable moments in our lives. They are playful, hilarious, and a little annoying at times –especially when they make a mess in the house. But all in all, you’ve got to love them. And what’s great about having your own animal friend is that they never judge you; shout at you; or throw tantrums at you. They respect you and acknowledge the importance of your existence in their lives as their source of food, affection and comfort.

Pets are family

When you’re emotionally attached to your pet, you feel that it’s part of the family. They can provide the same type of comfort that a relative could in times of stress and discomfort. For instance, dogs can instinctively tell when you’re unwell and will even cuddle, sniff or bark at you when something is not right. Moreover, animals that feel they belong to part of a family exhibit a greater sense of loyalty towards their owners.

So whenever you get a pet, make sure you raise it with a lot of love and affection. This way, it will exhibit the same affection for you and just might be the sort of comfort you needed all along.