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Grooming Your Dog/Cat And Enjoying The Bond It Helps Create

If you are a pet owner, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to endure grooming at one stage or another. While some find it enjoyable, it’s often a tedious task that can’t be avoided. Though many people do it for the sake of keeping the dog or cat clean and good looking, the grooming sessions with your pet can help you in creating a good relationship and bonding with your little friend.

Start early

You need to start the training for grooming when the dog or cat is still young and small. Your puppy or kitten may not be willing to start the grooming sessions like nail clipping and ear cleaning later on. Standing still for a long time for brushing the hair should be trained from an early age. You can start grooming the puppy when they are only three weeks old. It’s also important that you brush the coat at least once a day. Most of the cats and dogs which are kept indoors need regular clipping of nails. You can give compliments to your pets when you are doing the grooming and they will respond to your sessions more positively.

Introduce new things slowly

No matter the circumstances, it’s important you introduce new techniques slowly. You can try bringing the puppy near the water tub when giving them a bath, and sprinkle some water on them as they curiously check it out. Showing your animal that something isn’t a threat takes time and patience, and it shouldn’t be rushed.

Identifying abnormalities

When you are grooming your pet regularly, you are always in close contact with the eyes, skin, ears and nose. During this time, you should suss out if there are any abnormalities appearing on your animal, giving you the best chance at catching any potential issues early on.

Benefits of grooming

Grooming time with your pet provides some benefits both for you and the animal:

  • You will be able to spend some time together.
  • You will be promoting good health for your pet and your association with your furry friend will also last longer.
  • Interaction with your pet will help to reduce any stress you are feeling and you will be improving your general health and happiness.
  • Your attention will make your pet more attractive, healthy and happy.

Make sure that you have patience when you are starting the grooming and you are making it a fun activity for the pet.