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Keeping Your Dog/Cat Safe From The Weather

Extreme hot and cold weather is usually hard on animals, just in the same way that it can affect humans. Very low temperatures, as well as very hot temperatures, can cause dehydration and malnutrition in dogs. Your pets need protection from these extreme weather conditions. Though many people keep their dogs outdoors, it is necessary to bring them indoors when the temperature goes too low or too high or when there is severe storms and blizzards.

Protection during winter

Winter is the season of bitter cold, snow and wetness. You need to keep your dog or cat warm and safe by bringing them indoors. When you take the dogs for a walk outside during colder months, make sure that it is well protected by a sweater. Cats and dogs are highly sensitive to extreme cold and can develop frostbite and hypothermia when left outdoors during chilling winters. If you are keeping the pet outdoors, make sure that they have a dry and warm shelter and that the floor is covered with straw or any other material—this will help to provide some warmth. The entrance to the shelter should be protected properly and you should take care to provide more food and water to keep the body temperature of your animal up to scratch.

Protection during hot weather

During hotter months, your pets can suffer from heat stroke when left outdoors. Heat can make animals lethargic and can cause heavy panting and vomiting, or in some cases, can even be fatal . It is better to walk your dog early in the morning or late evening to avoid burning the pads of their feet on baked sidewalks. To tell if it’s too hot on the concrete, place the back of your hand against the surface; if you can’t hold it there for more than five seconds, it’s too hot for your animal. If you cannot keep your dog inside your house during warm weather, make sure that your pet is supplied with ample amount of fresh water and some shade to protect it from heat. Never leave your pet inside the car during hot months. The temperature inside the car can go up within minutes killing your pet by heat stroke. If you are taking your dog to the beach or boating during the summer, make sure that it is wearing a life jacket. Always carry water with you if you are taking your pet for outdoor activities during summer. Remember that your pet depends on you for taking care of them and hence you need to exercise good caring practice to keep them safe and healthy through the year.