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Is Your Pet Experiencing Anxiety?

Cats and dogs make wonderful pets. These animal, like many others, can also be affected by anxiety problems. Usually, there are some tell-tale events that can cause this issue, such as: loud noises, a visit to the vet, shifting to a new home, leaving it alone in your home, travelling in car, etc. Many pets get anxious naturally. One of the worst fears that could hit your pet dog or cat is when you leave them home for a longer stretch of time. They get bored and also feel a lot of stress knowing that no family member is there with them.


If you own a pet that you treat like your child, then it is likely to experience separation anxiety, especially if you leave it in your home alone and go on a vacation for a couple of days. Pets love to have social contact with their owners frequently. Once they miss it, they can even become loud and destructive. You can easily find out if your pet is stressed out upon your return, by checking out its area for damage and destruction—scratches on the door, torn up furniture, messy floors…these are just some of the signs that they have been hit by separation anxiety. More importantly, a dog or cat can easily pick up your emotions. If you are stressed, then there are chances for them to turn anxious are tenfold, so make sure you’re aware of how you’re reacting in the presence of your little friend.


Fireworks, gunshots, thunder—all of these can make your pet quite anxious. You can easily find out if your dog is suffering from stress that’s related to noises by observing their reaction around these instances. Most likely, they will run away from the area where they heard the noise and will try to hide in a spot that is not in the close vicinity. They might even bark, tremble, urinate or drool when these events occur again.


It is highly important for you to socialise with your pet when it is young. This will help in preventing it from experiencing social anxiety. They will not have any fear when they are in crowded places or even when they are along with other animals. If your pet is not accustomed to a social situation early on, then it can run away from the scene or even turn aggressive.

Treating anxiety

If you find your pet has signs of anxiety, then you may wish to take it to your vet to get it treated. There are anti-anxiety medicines that can work quite effectively, but it’s important to understand that there can be side effects. You can even try out natural pet remedies to get your pet to relax. There are many pet suited products which contain lavender and chamomile, both of which work great for anxiety issue. You should make sure to give your pet all the help it wants when it comes to anxiety, as they cannot do anything to correct it by themselves.