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Finding the Right Bed for Your Cat

Notoriously fussy, cats can be difficult to cater for when it comes to bedding. Unlike dogs who can sleep pretty much anywhere warm, cats will refuse to sleep somewhere for reasons unknown to us and can often be found snuggled up on pillows and in the sun.

On your quest to find the right bedding, here are some quick tips to help you determine what your cat likes to sleep on:

Take note of the material and fabrics

Does your cat love to sleep on your faux fur jacket, but not on your felt couch? Or does your cat enjoy snuggling up on your electric blanket rather than your bean bag? Taking note of the fabrics that your cat likes can save you a lot of stress later. Cats are creatures of habit, and often favour certain surfaces over others. Consider the materials your cats sleep on and then see if there is a cat bed available in that fabric. It may also be a good idea to consider purchasing a cat bed with padding, as your cat will no doubt like to snuggle up in winter.

Bed size

Cat’s love to curl up when they sleep, but they also enjoy stretching out in their bed. Your new cat bed should have enough space for your pet to stretch out, but also cosy enough for them to feel secure when they snuggle up. Some cat beds have small sheltered areas, which some cats love to hide and play in, consider if this is something your cat enjoys doing.


This can require a bit of research as you will have to take note of where your cat enjoys snoozing. If your cat likes to sleep in the living room, it isn’t a good idea to place their bed in the laundry. Again, cats are animals of habit and if you place their bed in a place that they love to snooze, they are more likely to take to it.


This one is more for your benefit but ultimately cares for your cat’s health in the long term. Animals can get dirty and tend to pick up things like fleas in their outdoor adventures. Cats really prefer sleeping in a clean and fresh bed, so ensuring that you purchase a bed for your cat that is easily cleaned and maybe machine washable, will ensure that your cat comes back to use that bed over and over again.   Indoor cats may not need as much maintenance but it is great to have the option to clean the bed easily.