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Three Handy Tips for Curing Your Dog’s Boredom

Dogs need a high amount of stimulation to keep them amused throughout the day, which can be problematic when you spend much of the day at work or running errands. A bored dog can often cause trouble from digging up the garden and constant barking to chewing up clothing and furniture. These behavioural issues can often be associated with an unsatisfied pet and may be prevented by taking simple steps to continually engage their mind.

1. Exercise Physical activity is one of the best things you can do for your dog, not only to keep their mind engaged but to maintain their health as well. Regular walks and playing in the back yard is important for any canine and particularly vital for more energetic breeds such as Border Collies and Whippets. Walking your pooch in the morning helps burn energy that they would otherwise need to use during the day -- try to take them to a variety of different areas to experience new smells.

2. Training Dogs are intelligent animals, and teaching them new commands and tricks is a fantastic way to keep them occupied and entertained. It doesn’t have to take up hours of your time – even a few minutes a day helps alleviate boredom (for both of you!) while reinforcing good behaviour and strengthening your bond. Since they have to use brainpower during training, it will tire your pet and use some of that pent up energy.

3. Puzzle Toys This an easier step to take when you don’t have the time to be with your dog. While you do need to pay plenty of physical attention when you’re at home, leaving your dog with a new toy or bone while you’re out of the house can be the best way for them to continue entertaining themselves until you get back. Products like Bionic work well, as they are designed for you to put treats inside them that are difficult for the dog to reach without being impossible. Your four-legged friend will then need to use their nose, paws, mind and jaws to try and get to the tasty prize.