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Dog Houses – Choosing a Casa for your Canine

If you have an outside dog, one of your biggest concerns will be choosing the right shelter solution. While a dog’s coat will keep them warm, they still require adequate protection form the elements, especially in Australia where the summers are hot and dry and winters wet. With dogs being den animals, they are used to having shelter where they can feel secure and comfortable. This makes choosing the right kennel an important process for any dog owner looking to treat their pets to the best.

Choosing the right material

Dog houses are available in a number of materials from canvas and plastic to timber and metal. Each of these materials have their benefits, and choosing the right one will depend on your pet’s needs, your budget and your preferences. Canvas is a waterproof and breathable solution that can be particularly helpful during hot weather. Plastic kennels are easier to maintain and clean, ensuring an odour free space. Timber is highly durable and can handle larger dogs with ease, making them great for all breeds.

Catering to the size of your dog

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and while they like to feel snug and secure, they also enjoy room to move. While many houses are available in small to large, choosing the right one can become tricky. For example, you may have a small breed that really likes to stretch out, often sleeping on its back, or a pooch that prefers to curl up in a ball. Take note of how your dog sleeps and the type of environment that will be best for their needs.

Kennel placement

Kennels are complete with a roof but that doesn’t mean they can be placed just anywhere. In order to offer your dog the right protection, as well as ensuring the canine house you choose lasts as long as possible, it is best to keep it under shelter. Kennels, especially those made of timber, will be quite durable but can still become damaged with regular rain. Placing them undercover will also help your pooch keep cool in hot weather.

Treat your pooch to a secure and stylish abode with a kennel that is the right style and shape for their needs. They’ll be sure to thank you for it with happy faces and wagging tails.