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Take Cat Naps to the Next Level with the Right Bed

It’s no secret cats can be quite fussy creatures, turning their noses up at anything that doesn’t seem to reach their standard. When your cat isn’t prancing around, it will want a soft and comfortable place to settle in and take a snooze. While often you will find your feline taking over your bed or claiming the couch as its own, giving it a dedicated space to relax and sleep will not only benefit your pet but your family too.

So, how do you go about finding the right bed? For many of us it can be tempting to find beds that suit our cat’s personality rather than a bedding choice that caters to their specific needs. While that pretty purple bed with the crown on it looks great for your four legged princess, it may not be the best choice. Here are some things you can consider to make bedding choice a little easier:


Will your cat bed only be used for sleeping? There are a range of products available that can easily transform your cat bed to suit your transporting purposes. A capsule, for example, is a multi-purpose solution that not only provides a place for your cat to rest its tired paws, but also a playhouse and carrier. They come with removable doors that you can take off come bed time and reattach for those trips to the vet or to another home.


Does your house tend to be quite cool in the night time? Areas with a lot of tiles or floor boards can become quite cool, even if the weather outside is warm. Cats are heat seeking animals that need to be kept warmer than us humans would. This means it is particularly important to provide a viable source of warmth for your pet in winter.

As well as choosing those fluffy and inviting beds that are going to keep your pet snug, there are a number of heated options that will help your kitty get to sleep easier and stay comfortable. There are beds available that have removable inserts, which can be warmed up in the microwave, as well as electric options. If you want a fuss free solution that ensures your pet is warm even when you’re not around, a self-warming bed is the perfect solution.

By taking a look at the wide range of bedding available and assessing your home, you can find the ideal setting for your favourite feline to get some quality nap time.