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Ensure a Great Night’s Sleep for your Dog

While we, as humans, need an average of 8 hours sleep, a dog will need around twice that much. This makes choosing the right bed for your pooch crucial. Have a bad night’s sleep and you are sure to feel it throughout the day. With your dog spending so much time on the bedding you purchase, you’ll want to be sure it is the right one to cater to their specific needs. Here are some things you need to consider before your pet enters the land of nod:



Keeping your pets cool can be a tricky challenge, especially for those with thicker coats. In summer, choose from a selection of cooling beds. Stick to:

  • Elevated beds
  • Beds filled with water
  • Cooling gel pads
  • Cooling materials such as nylon and vinyl


In winter, try to stick to:

  • Fluffier styles that will help keep your pooch snug
  • Heated beds – these come in many options from microwavable inserts, electric options or self-warming beds that use your pets heat and radiates it back.

Inside or outside

Knowing where you will be placing the bed will help you choose the right style. When you are placing it inside, you have more of an opportunity to splash out on a softer bed and material. Keeping a dog inside may bring about some unwanted smells, so finding dog beds that can be easily changed or washed is ideal.

For outside pets, you’ll want something durable. Choosing weather proof options are great as they will last superbly and can be easily cleaned when necessary. Purchasing elevated beds are great for outdoors as it will keep your bed away from the dirty, cold or wet ground and away from pests.

Size of your pet

No matter what bed type you are looking to purchase, it’s important to select one that is the right size for your dog. While your pooch may like to feel snug, you still want to give them enough room to move. Measure your dog when it is lying down and then add a little extra. It is important to gauge how your pet likes to sleep, whether they prefer to curl up, sprawl out or lay on their backs, as this is going to have an influence on which size and type of bed you choose.

Special needs

While all dogs deserve a great night’s sleep, older dogs or those with special needs will require extra care. Self-warming beds are great for dogs with arthritis or recovering from surgery. There are also orthopedic beds that will provide extra comfort.