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View our Dog Kennels for Sale Throughout Australia

Your pup needs their castle too! Put a roof over your dog’s head with a reliable kennel from Pets Around The Clock.
We offer an amazing range of dog kennels for sale and deliverable to all parts of Australia, including Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and everywhere else in between.

A range for dogs of all shapes and sizes!

PATC offers a wide variety of kennels suitable for dogs of all sizes. Each is made of quality materials and can be assembled easily and with little hassle. They are heavy duty and have been designed to provide your pet with a pleasant environment in which they feel comfortable, safe and secure at all times.

A dog kennel is a notable investment for pet owners. You want to know it’s going to be a place that your dog enjoys and feels safe in. Pets Around The Clock has selected our collection with this in mind and can provide you with a practical and aesthetically pleasing rest space for your pooch.

Keep your kennel sheltered

While our range is the best of the best, please note it is not recommended that kennels be left outside without any shelter. Australian weather can be quite harsh – especially on a very warm summer’s day – a kennel left in direct sunlight will get too hot for your animal to be in, whether you’re in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide or another area. We recommend you place your kennel under a covered patio or under a pergola. This will also keep it looking newer for longer.

We ship anywhere in Australia!

We can offer extremely fast shipping all over the country for all our products, including dog toys and other quality products! Our kennels are available for sale in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane Sydney, Perth, Hobart, Darwin, Canberra and surrounding regions. Due to shipping costs, we do not currently ship to the outlying islands or overseas.

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