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Australia’s one Stop Shop for Cheap dog Toys

It’s just a given fact that when you have a pup, they’re going to automatically chew everything they can sink their teeth into. Whether it’s your clothes, their own bed, or your favourite pair of shoes, your dog is going to be responsible for the destruction of at least one or more of your belongings. This is where our chew toys for dogs available through Australia can provide a much needed alternative to the costly, and systematic destruction of your property.

Dogs are naturally playful and hyperactive and require toys to release all of their built up energy. Here at Pets Around the Clock, we supply a wide range of cheap dog toys to keep your best friend happy! Whether you have one dog, or a whole pack, our toys are perfect for socialising with your pup and keeping them active and sociable.

Aquatic toys for a splashing good time!

If your pup loves to go swimming, then our range of aquatic toys are perfect for fun at the beach with your dog. We have everything from balls to fake bones, pull toys and more! Treat your best pal to a present and stock up on one or more of our cheap dog chew toys available anywhere in Australia!

Get in touch to find out more

We’re always looking for ways to further help our customers and provide the most valuable online shopping experience. If you have any questions in regards to any of our range, including our kennels or other dog products, we want to hear them. Our team is ready to provide any extra information you require using our online form, so feel free to leave us a message!

We ship all of our products throughout Australia and dispatch each order within 48 hours!

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