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Take a Look at our dog Dental Care Products

Keep your best friend grinning with that winning smile!


Dental care for dogs is a very important part of ongoing canine care.  The American Veterinary Dental Society notes that 80% of all dogs suffer periodontal disease by the age of 3. Ensure you're using the most reliable dental products to care for your dog and keep them healthy. Here at Pets Around the Clock, we take animal health and wellbeing very seriously and aim to provide our customers with the range of doggy products to best look after their pup.

Healthy teeth – healthy pup

Preventative dog care dental products help reduce the risk of developing oral disease, which can lead to serious issues for dogs and cats. Establishing a daily routine of proper dental care for dogs may extend the life of your pet.

Our range of dental products

Nylabone are the leaders in canine dental devices/chews.  Their shapes and ranges are not only recommended by vets, but some have also been designed by vets.  There is a Nylabone chew that is suitable for any type of canine - from puppies, to adult dogs, through to senior canines.  There are chews for moderate, powerful and aggressive chewers.

NYLABONE - The leaders in canine dental care for over 50 years, bring you a wide selection of dental chewing products for your favourite canine.

Selection guide:

First, match the size of the Nylabone product with your dog's weight/size:

Petite size = dogs upto 7kg

Regular size = dogs upto 11kg

Wolf size = dogs upto 16kg

Giant size = dogs upto 23kg

Souper size = dogs over 23kg

Monster/Big Chew size = dogs over 23kg 


Secondly, match the chewing nature of your dog with the appropiate Nylabone product:

Puppy Chew = for puppies that still have their puppy teeth (not permanent adult teeth)

Flexi Chew = for dogs which are soft to moderate chewers.  May include senior dogs.

Dura Chew = for strong/powerful chewers

Galileo Chew = for super strong chewers

Plaque Attack Dental Chew = These are like the Flexi Chew, for soft to moderate chewers.  The dental chews are blue with raised nodules.


The above should only be used as an approximate guide and may vary from dog to dog.


So why choose us?


Besides offering a quality range of pets products, including kennels, toys and more, we also ship Australia wide! Our online store serves as a one stop shop for all your pet needs and provides a flexible way to shop for your best friend!


We're here to help!


For those who had any question about our extensive selection of doggy products, or the other items we have available, such as cat beds, get in touch today! You can leave us a message via our online form and one of our friendly staff members will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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