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Australia’s Home of Innovative Cat Beds and Sleeping Solutions

Owners of felines can appreciate their inexplicable and obsessive desire to sleep in the most awkward and inaccessible locations. Got a tiny nook in between your gas water heater and the wall? Perfect for a cat nest! That dangerously wobbly top shelf in the laundry? Sleeping paradise! Your entire face whilst you try to sleep? Ideal cat sleeping grounds. If you haven’t got the message already, your kitty is trying to inform you that they’d like some sleeping arrangements sorted, pronto!

This is where we can help. Pets Around the Clock offers one of the most extensive ranges of cheap cat beds for sale online in Australia. All of our quality products are designed with the best materials to offer a durable and long lasting sleeping solution. We always strive to keep up to date with current pet products and the latest innovations to offer our customers the most comprehensive selection.

Cheap cat beds that don’t compromise quality

Whether you have just one kitty, or are one feline short of literally becoming the crazy cat lady, our premium products can cater to all your needs. Enjoy such features as our mod capsule, which doubles as a carrier as well as a bed, or our thermo kitty cabin sage, boasting a low voltage heated bed. Whether you’re after a basket, mat, bed or cubby hole, our online range will deliver.  

Interested in the rest of our range?

We aim to offer a comprehensive selection of pet accessories! We’ve got everything from fish food to dog dental products and can ship to you anywhere in Australia! If you had any questions about our quality range of cheap beds for cats available online, leave us a message on our website, and we’ll happily assist.

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